I think some introductions are in order…

Dear all who have happened upon this blog/website thing…

My name is Helen and I am not a professional blogger, nor am I an incredible historian who has a list of books published, so if you are looking for a professional Welsh historian unfortunately you are lost. However before you leave I would suggest reading some of my rantings which I promise will have something to do with history. I am just a woman who enjoys writing and researching local Welsh history. I have a masters in Modern History from King’s College London (just mentioning it so you guys would be impressed, but to also show that I do know how to research topics and won’t be making stuff up), and focused my thesis on Welsh history, specifically on the anti-suffrage movement in Wales.

This blog will try to be somewhat organised and have articles relating to Welsh history, especially industrial history. It will have articles looking at Wales in the first World War, the Welsh suffrage movement, industrial history etc. However, I will not just be confined to writing essays about Welsh history. I will possibly write about Doria Shafik, the Egyptian feminist and poet who is definitely on my fantasy dinner party guest list, or perhaps I will review some history books or films. I will be conducting podcast type interviews with my family so I have an oral history archive for my own personal use but why not let you guys listen in?

Anyways, enough rambling on. I hope that at least one person might come across this page and learn something or be inspired to learn more about the hidden histories that have yet to be uncovered.


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